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Who is Xclusiverse?

Changing The Game:
A platform built with
only ONE goal:
scaling your business!

Why Choose XRE?

Florina Onetiu CEo and CoFounder of Xclusiverse

Florina Onetiu Ceo and COFounder of Xclusiverse

Since our inception, our unwavering dedication has been directed towards constructing a future driven by cutting-edge technology, one that embraces accessibility and inclusivity. We wholeheartedly embrace the immense potential of the extended reality and have relentlessly strived to create a platform that caters to our esteemed clientele. The virtual world represents a monumental concept that aims to transform social interaction, communication, and transactions on an unprecedented scale.

I am brimming with pride for the remarkable accomplishments our team has already achieved, and I am even more thrilled by their unwavering determination to maintain this momentum. 

Dream without restraint, for it is our solemn commitment to transform your dreams into tangible reality.

Our Story:
Building the Future of Real Estate

A true “tech enabler” for real estate professionals to 

better serve the needs of 

real estate enthusiasts community & investors

Our Mission

It is our mission to build an XR cross-platform that will reform the way real estate companies will design and efficiently implement their customers’ interaction, selling, promoting their businesses through web 3.0.

Our Vision

Our vision is to build the leading community of innovative companies and extraordinary people on a blockchain technology through exquisite experiences of virtual interaction, shopping, and platforms interoperability.

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